Good afternoon, dear guest who came to this site from the world wide web! It’s no secret that you got to the Fetish and Extreme Porn Videos site by a specific request in Google or some other search engine. And your request contained something like this: “shoe fetish porn”, “femdom watch online”, “dominance of shemale over men”,  “scat and vomit videos with Kaitlyn Katsaros”, “sexy stockings on beautiful legs of porn girls” or just “download BDSM video from TezFiles “. Either way, any of these requests got you to the right place. Namely, in the abode of a fetish for every taste and color of different themes and genres.

To help you get used to this site faster, I will take a short tour of the categories available here.

And to open our list of categories, a less fetish heading, more like vanilla porn – Anal sex. Anal Sex

In our time, hardly anyone has not heard of this kind of sex as anal. Earlier, in the days of the dinosaurs, when our grandparents had retro sex while doing our parents, they only fucked vaginally. Maybe religion did not allow them to explore new polygons for sexual games, maybe medicine was not so well developed that women were afraid to give anal sex, presenting themselves with terrible consequences, maybe some other natural disasters or factors could influence this. But fortunately, since the end of the 80s of the 20th century, you and I can plunge into the world of anal caresses and pleasures. There is a small category of people who fundamentally do not perceive anal sex, while presenting a dirty, painful action. But thank God, the porn industry has already stepped far ahead, and we can only watch high-quality porn videos, in which all the actresses are already prepared both mentally and physically for anal fetish games.bdsm

Of course, you can be anyone in real life. Perhaps you are a simple teenage guy who opens up new horizons in the world of porn, maybe you are a girl who, together with her husband, is looking for a porn video for the evening. Or maybe you are a desperate housewife who decided to take a break from the family routine by clicking on the link on Instagram, looking at a bunch of unnecessary ads that got to this site. But it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter who you are. The main thing is that Bondage and BDSM are your element in life, which you reveal only one-on-one with your partner. In short, this category contains videos of tying, hanging, handcuffs and chains, ropes and hot wax, starring the executioner and his victim.

bootsTo dilute the hardcore dominance of BDSM porn a bit, here’s the Boot fetish category. Here you can watch video clips with girls in various boots. It can be short ankle boots, boutillions, leather high boots, rubber boots with long female legs, wading through the swamp or mud, latex boots, boots with chains and various trinkets, high-heeled boots, boots above the knee, as well as boots on ruling goddesses during female domination.dp

There is a separate category of people who enjoy both anal and vaginal sex. And if these two actions are combined and the orgy is shown to amateurs, then someone will immediately have a violent orgasm, looking at how one girl is fucked in all holes at the same time. This is what the Double Penetration category is all about.

faceDo you like it when mascara flows down a girl’s cheeks along with tears? Do you get an orgasm from the sounds of swallowing a big dick right down throat? Have you always dreamed of taking your huge cock and shoving it into your wife’s mouth up to the tonsils? I can’t promise that, but in the Facial Humiliation category you can find tons of videos on this subject. Use the site search!

femdFemdom is probably the most fetish category on It includes a bunch of videos on topics such as acupuncture, electric tests, bullying men in any form, as well as anal and oral sex with a strap-on, forced slave training and much more. This category brings together the best actresses of this genre, such as AJ Applegate, Angela White, Aiden Starr, Alexis Grace, Gigi Allens, Chanel Preston, Anna Deville. The list goes on and on. Don’t believe me? Come and check it out for yourself!

The Fetish Apparel category shows us how you can diversify your sex life with a uniform. It can be varied. It can be costumes for cosplay, costumes of a nurse and teacher, clothes of workers at a construction site, and in general, all uniforms in which it is convenient to have sex and it looks sexy!

Not so long ago, an additional category was created on our site, and its name is Fisting. It is of two types: anal and vaginal. To make it clearer, fisting is when everything that is at hand is thrust into the ass and pussy. It can be bottles, various balls, huge dildos in the form of cones, fruits and vegetables, legs and arms in the end.

Foot fetish is one of the offshoots of fetish, in which you will find videos on the topic of beautiful female legs. It could be solo videos, in which the beauties demonstrate their bare feet and long shaved legs, or there may be a video in which these legs, feet, shins and knees are licked, kissed, stroked and massaged, getting an orgasm from this and bringing the partner to orgasm.

Do you like leather gloves? I agree, it looks beautiful on a sophisticated female handle. This category features all videos related to glove fetish. Whether latex or leather short gloves or long to the elbow, medical or construction gloves. Here, glove lovers will be at ease.

If you are a lover of dirty unshaven pussies, then this category is for you. Here you can find videos with unshaven pussies, with unshaven armpits, legs and, in general, all parts of the body that ordinary people shave.

Do you like it when you are controlled and told what to do? Do you like when you are humiliated morally and verbally? Do you come to an end from how a girl orders you to satisfy yourself, and at this time she will endure your brain? Then these videos are entirely for you! Masturbation instructions, forced bisexual nudge, brainwashing, hypnosis, financial domination and more await you in this category! Welcome!

A separate category of fetish clothing is Leather. It is she who always emphasizes the sexuality of the partner in sex. Leather goods are very popular with female domination princesses. Various leather belts, bondages, boots of various types of leather, corsets, dresses and mini-skirts made of leather. This is a paradise for a leather fetishist.

Remember when I wrote about the category of Female Domination over Men? And now we have the opposite. Girls humiliate, dominate and coerce their same-sex sex partners. Lesbian domination can be compared to the revenge of a wife whose husband was taken away by a friend. And, believe me, this sight is not for the faint of heart.

Who doesn’t love looking at a pretty girl in lingerie? Tango panties, boxers, bodysuits, negligee panties with ruffles and bras with and without push-ups, any underwear that has already been invented is worn on the models in the video in this category.

Elegant tights, gracefully sitting on the leg of a young girl, what could be better and more beautiful? Tights were invented in the distant 40s of the 20th century, and from that moment no man could resist them. The porn industry is also developing and does not stand still, filming many decent videos with girls in sexy pantyhose.

Does the taste of metal in your mouth turn you on? Is your girlfriend or boyfriend recently pierced and do you like it? Then you are in the right category! Girls with pierced lips, tongues, piercings on the nipples and labia, piercings on the boys’ scrotum and, in general, all metal jewelry on the body are presented in this section.

Are you a mom fetishist who loves to spy on her when she goes to pee in the toilet? Good. Here are collected videos in which girls piss on each other, as well as guys piss on girls, morally humiliating them. Some of them love pissing to such an extent that they are ready to swallow someone else’s urine, as in urine therapy.

Do you want to watch how pregnant girls are fucked? Then you come here! Desperate pregnant housewives have sex in the last months of pregnancy, getting high and recording themselves on camera. Their husbands often also take part in these sexual games, fucking their pregnant wives in all holes, and showing them to the entire Internet.

Rubber clothing is as exciting as leather clothing. Rubber products cover the whole body, whether it is a slave in a female domination or a tied girl in a rubber suit. All this you will find in the category Rubber

Have you been to Thailand? Have you seen beauties there who are standing on the street of red-light districts and becoming to have sex with them? These are not just girls, these are girls with dicks between their legs who love to fuck you and get fucked in the ass. If you haven’t, it doesn’t matter! There are many videos featuring shemales, transgender people, ladyboys who are eager for you to watch their acting.

Shemale domination subcategory is the same ladyboys who dominate men and women. They tie them up, force them to suck their dick, and enjoy the victim’s impotence.

Are you an inveterate extreme and you lack the tin for the thrill? Then you are on the right track and in the right site category. There are tons of videos here of people bathing in shit. They eat shit, smear it on, shit in the mouth and on the genitals, burp, and then drink this slurry.

Do you like to fuck your girlfriend without taking off her shoes? Does the look of a woman in high heels turn you on? Do you dream of fucking an athlete in the gym without taking off her sneakers? If all these fantasies come true, then you will automatically fall into the shoe fetish category.

If you do not want to download videos one by one, a category called Siterips has been created specifically for this. There are videos from popular adult sites such as OnlyFans, ManyVids, Pornhub, as well as compilations of popular actresses on the Internet.

Smoking kills? H do not agree? I also! Smoking is exciting, especially when a beautiful girl smokes dominating her slave. This category is for videos of smokers.

Enjoy sniffing your stepsister’s dirty socks and licking them shiny? Or maybe you get turned on by girls who fuck in socks without taking them off? Then you come here! There’s a treasure trove of socks fetish here!

“How about a spanking on the ass? Whom to spank?” – This is what women from the female domination genre say with elements of spanking. Spanking on the ass with hands and with the help of improvised means bring the dominant to orgasm, and the poor slave cannot sit on the ass for another two weeks because of the hellish pain.

The next category is similar to the pantyhose fetish category and is called the stocking fetish. Stockings, it seems to me, even more emphasize and reveal the femininity of a beautiful girl. There are many videos in this category in which girls are wearing sexy stockings.

Do tattooed people get turned on? Do you dream of having sex with a tattooed guy or girl? This genre is presented in the Tattoo category on the site, which cannot leave you indifferent. The heroes of these videos are fully or partially filled with tattoos that complement the beautiful porn scenes.

The hellish pain is felt by slaves and slaves who are beaten with a whip, sticks and rods. In these videos, you can get acquainted with the Whipping category, feel all the pain on yourself, and maybe draw something for your fetish games with your partner.

So we briefly walked through the categories of our site. If the site is missing something, or you are not happy with something, please write comments below.

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